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What Is Your Legacy?

Building Your Legacy

Building Your Legacy

The desire to leave a legacy may be the height of altruism, for it is a gift to the future, the benefit of which you may never witness nor ever feel its appreciation by others.

Despite the rewards that a legacy can bring, creating your legacy does not happen overnight, and it doesn’t come without a strategy and hard work. We can help you through the process of leaving a legacy that the next generation can benefit from for decades to come.

Creating Your Framework

You should have an end in mind before you begin. Start by reflecting on what you value and care most about. Consider your passions and the unique skills you have. Your career and hobbies are good places to start. Be sure to ask your friends and family to weigh in as well, because they may offer a perspective that you don’t see about yourself.

Determine Your Legacy

Think about the legacy you wish to leave and the impact you want to make. A legacy can come in many colors – it can be financial, institutional, instructional or wish fulfillment, or the passing of values and life lessons.

Develop A Strategy

A legacy will not happen without a blueprint and the persistent pursuit of your objective. A well- developed strategy can help you organize your efforts and keep you on the path that leads to success.

Living Out Your Legacy

A legacy is not only what you leave behind, but the impact you make on others while alive that they carry into the future. Be sure to live your values with your family, at your workplace, and in your community. Nothing is more likely to survive you than the impact you make on the lives you touch today.

At Friedman Financial, we believe that building and protecting your living legacy is paramount to creating a successful plan for your future and the future of those that you care about. Your actions can have a tremendous impact on your own happiness and on those around you. Establishing and expressing your key values and principles can help to make an important impact on your legacy and the success of your plan.

It’s not just about what you may leave for people, but rather what you leave in people. What lasting lessons or important focuses do you want those that you care about to learn from you? What will people remember you for? Whether intentional or not, we are creating our legacies every day. By defining our living legacy, we can be more purposeful in sharing what really matters and what we want to endure over time. Clarifying what you want your legacy to be, organizing your plan accordingly, and sharing your vision with your heirs or important stakeholders can really enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

But first, it probably makes sense to clearly think through what you would like your impact, your legacy, to be. To figure that out, here are a few things to focus on:

- What matters most to you?

- Who matters most to you?

- What are you passionate about?

- Who are you passionate about helping?

- How are you currently helping those people or organizations for which you are passionate?

- How would you like to help them in the future?

- How does that make you feel?

- How important is it to feel that way?

- How would you like to be remembered?

Arriving at a better answer to the big question, “What do you want your legacy to be?”, is meaningful by itself. Putting that into action is what lifts the legacy up and brings it to life. So, what should you do next? Partner with a legacy-focused advocate, like an experienced professional at Friedman Financial, to help you work through these questions and others of importance to you. We can put your intentions in motion by putting a plan in place with tools that can help your wishes come to fruition.

Consider holding a family or stakeholder meeting to clearly impart your wishes, your intended legacy, and your plan to those who will help carry it forward. Your living legacy, clearly understood, designed, and implemented, can be a powerful force in your life and the lives of many others. Remember – one way or another, each of us will leave a legacy. Take the time now to make sure yours is the one you want.

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